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Alumni Network

Post-Grad DECA proves success 

Arizona Collegiate DECA alumni are former members who use the skills they nurtured in Collegiate DECA to perform at the next level in their careers. The Alumni association is home to professionals in many industries and high-performing companies, including entrepreneurial endeavors.

Why join the alumni network?

  • Alumni Events

  • Opportunities to get involved in AZ Collegiate DECA

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Maintaining Relationships with Members

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Join our Network

If you've graduated after participating in Collegiate DECA​ fill out our form to receive important updates from our alumni network!


About the Alumni

Explore the talent and success stories grown from Arizona Collegiate DECA. 


Become a Mentor

Give the advice you wish you had to up-and-coming leaders by signing up to mentor Collegiate DECA members.

Modern City

Where do our alumni work? 

After building on key professional skills while in Collegiate DECA, our alumni are now high performing employees in top companies.

Based off of responses from a 2020 survey, the top three industries our alumni are employed in are:

  • Hospitality & Tourism

  • Education

  • Banking & Finance

What did our alumni study as Collegiate DECA members?

Our alumni didn't get anywhere without dedicating time to earn a degree.  While students of all majors are welcome in Collegiate DECA, the majority of our Collegiate DECA alumni have graduated college with degrees in:

  • Marketing

  • Business

  • Communication

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