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Arizona Collegiate DECA international representatives

Primed For Success

Through hard work, determination, and unparalleled commitment to DECA, these honored members have Owned Their Future, made opportunities LIMITLESS, became Ready for It, said "Here We Go", and taken things Next Level to Maximize their Momentum. Becoming a Member of Arizona Collegiate DECA is more than an opportunity, it's proving that one can represent a class of aspiring professionals specializing in a wide variety of industries, skills, and leadership.

Legacy of Leadership

The Executive Legacy

These Arizona Collegiate DECA Members went above and beyond to serve at the international level as executive officers.


Matthew Peagler

Executive President 2023-2024

Caleb Headshot.jpg

Caleb Nochumson

Executive Vice President 2020-2021

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Anthony Fakhoury

Executive President 2019-2020

Dennis Williams

Executive Vice President 2018-2019

Darcie Hill

Executive Vice President 2017-2018

Cameron Brown

Executive Vice President 2016-2017

The Arizona Legacy

Arizona Collegiate DECA has a rich history of leadership and recognition. Travel through time and learn where the legacy has been.



State Officer Team

  • President: Elizabeth Kulaga

  • Vice President: Arjun Babu

  • Vice President: Simren Daulat

  • Vice President: Parker Thompson

  • Theme: Get the EDGE

The 2022-2023 year brought a deeper focus on connecting with members and increased the association's cutting-edge talent. Throughout the year the association grew in membership, outreach, and events, and spawned a new mid-year officer boot camp called Suit UP!  The year concluded with numerous accomplishments at ICDC and cooled off with a cool end-of-year Splashdown Picnic.



State Officer Team

  • President: Joshua Bailey

  • Vice President: Elizabeth Kulaga

  • Vice President: Arjun Babu

  • Vice President: Justin Vogel

  • Theme: Maximize Your Momentum

The 2021-2022 year represented the return to in-person events, reconnecting members after a virtual academic year, and brought together a family, stronger than a diamond. In this return to form Arizona Collegiate DECA focused on new membership and re-invigorating the collaboration and competitiveness that has made Arizona Collegiate DECA so strong. 



State Officer Team

  • President: Nicholas Stavitski

  • Vice President: Sierra Gleason

  • Vice President: John Martin

  • Vice President: Arielle Salazar

Theme: Next Level

The 2020-2021 School year is characterized by positive mindset, hard work, and resilience. While hosting all conferences online, the associaton rose to the challenge to deliver high quaity professional development in the new normal. Arizona Collegiate DECA succeeded with many finalists and champions at ICDC and at the end of the year was able to meet once again at the second annual Splashdown. 



State Officer Team

  • President: Veronica Volk

  • Vice President: Caleb Nochumbson

  • Vice President: Andrew Gonzalez

Theme: Here We Go!

2019-2020 was a trailblazing year in both spirit and reality. 

our members had the passion, planning, and skill to GO reach their full potential. They aspired to GO reach new heights with DECA. We made enormous strides as an organization and created lifelong memories along the way. To cap off the year, AZCDECA hosted the first annual Splashdown, a recognition ceremony hosted at the end of the school year to give applause to our members and champions.

DECA Here We Go.png


State Officer Team

  • President: Andrew Muskatevc

  • Vice President: Matt Wang

  • Vice President: Anthony Fakhoury

Theme: Ready for It

The 2018-2019 year was filled with fresh ideas, lots of connecting, and a ton of innovation. AZCDECA hosted the first annual LAUNCH Conference, an opportunity for chapter leaders to meet and plan the school year at no cost to them. This kicked off the year's focus on connecting with fellow members and honing in on the member experience. The year culminated with a sun filled ICDC in Orlando, Florida, and plenty of DECA Glass



State Officer Team

  • President: Cameron Brown

  • Vice President: Jacky Briseno

Theme: Limitless

2017-2018  was a HOT year for AZCDECA and not just because the State theme was "Bring the Heat". We grew as an association in membership, engagement, and even held the first two-day Fall Leadership Conference, making the flagship event more accessible to more members. The year culminated with an amazing international conference in Washington D.C. where many realized their success on the Path to Glass.



State Officer Team

  • President: Jonathan Mills

  • Vice President: Jacky Briseno

  • Vice President: Darcie Hill

Theme: Own Your Future

2016-2017 was a highly competitive year with many great memories and experiences gained. A new generation of leadership broke through and led the association to successful conferences and activities which engaged the whole association. ICDC was hosted relatively close to home in Anaheim, where the association saw many international champions and had a blast at Disneyland.

Screen Shot 2021-08-07 at 5.04.42 PM.png


State Officer Team

  • President: Daniel Kelly

  • Vice President: Abel Badillo

  • Vice President: Joey Davis

Theme: BE EPIC

2015-2016 was not only a blockbuster year for Arizona Collegiate DECA, but in it sparked the passion and joy that comes from realizing true potential and making one's mark. The competition season leading to ICDC 2016 was highly performing and resulted in many winners and Finalists, but also AZCDECA's first Excecutive Vice President elected. The year can be summarized by commraderie, dedication, hard work, and the inception of #OneDiamondOneFamily



State Officer Team

  • President: Anthony Dykstra (not pictured)

Theme: I am DECA



State Officer Team

  • President: Rachel Van West

Theme: Make it Count

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