Arizona Collegiate DECA leaders preparing a program of leadership


Our Resource Library 

Explore Arizona DECA Resources provided in the Program of Leadership, developed by our state officer team, and embodied by our members. 


Arizona's Program of Leadership

Explore what we're planning for this year.


DECA Inc. Resources

Visit and learn more about the collegiate programs at the international level.



Chapter Programming

As leaders in Collegiate DECA, one of the largest responsibilities we hold is the creation and curation of the content we deliver to our chapters. Thereby gifting each of us the unique opportunity to create a distinct brand and community at each of our colleges...


Financial Resource Guide

As chapter leaders, we understand that one of the most important parts of running a chapter is managing the finances. This resource guide will answer your chapter finance questions to help you take your chapter to the Next Level!


Meeting Planning

Are you having issues trying to figure out what to talk about during your meetings? Don’t worry! This resource guide is a tool to help new and existing Chapter leadership to conduct effective meetings. 


Mock Competitions

An effective way for a chapter of any size to achieve this is through the implementation of a chapter mock competition night. The following guide will walk your officer team through the steps to prepare for and run a successful mock competition event.


Social Media

These few steps will allow you to successfully use social media in order to gain a media presence. Setting a timeline and goals for your media will allow you to track your progress and understand your audience better.